Kenneth Lauderdale
Cell Phone: 979-255-1380
Office Phone: 979-535-8024

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Lauderdale Aerial Spraying, LLC.

Lauderdale Aerial Spraying, LLC has been in the business of ground and aerial application for over thirty-five years. In addition to working with farmers and ranchers the owner, Kenneth Lauderdale, is one himself. Mr. Lauderdale has an excellent understanding of the all the problems farmers encounter and knows that this job as a crop duster takes experience and a lot of it. There is an enormous amount to consider when dealing with these decisions! Lauderdale Aerial Spraying offers crop dusting and aerial application services throughout the state of Texas but will travel limitlessly to get a job done. If for some reason Mr. Lauderdale is unable to do work for you himself, he will try to find you someone that can. He stays in a constant state of readiness.

Crop Dusting and Aerial Applications

Mr. Lauderdale is also a leading expert with the application of Alfaguard and AF-36 for the treatment of Alfatoxin. With these products and because of the devastating effects of Alfatoxin it is crucial, though not always possible, to plan for the application as far in advance as you are able. We handle seeding, pasture spraying and insecticide and fertilizing. Contact Lauderdale Aerial Spraying with any questions about crop dusting and/or aerial spraying.




Lauderdale Aerial Spraying, LLC
Kenneth Lauderdale
Cell Phone: 979.255.1380
Office Phone: 979.535.8024

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